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Spide Icons

Meli Parker's Icon and Graphics Journal

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Do you need a really cool icon?
One that will make other people say, "Wow! That's a great icon!"
Then look no futher than Spide Icons! Where you can request icons you want and take the ones already made! These icons are artistic and creative, humourous and fun.
So take a look around and don't forget to comment!

Most of what's posted here will be icons, but sometimes I also post other graphics such as banners, headers, and wallpapers.

Friending is always appreciated, no need to hesitate.

Current Layout is Version 3: Superman Returns-Lois Lane and Superman

I don't have many, but I do ask that you comment in the thread of which icon(s) you are taking and credit to this journal and please not to hotlink Also, do not modify the icons and textless icons are not bases unless stated. Thank you for you coperation.